The Ordovices in the north east and the Silures in the south east are but two of these early tribes, the names of which are not their own but those given them by late Roman invaders. The tribes of Wales developed regional styles of working iron, gold, and other metals, following the exquisite western European style known as La Tene after the village of La Tene in Switzerland. At the same time as iron was introduced to Britain a new crop of settlers arrived from northern Europe. These were the Celts, whose cultural influence cannot be overstated. Traditional history has viewed the Celts as fierce conquerors who swept away the vestiges of earlier cultures and took complete control of Welsh society. A more balanced and likely theory is that the actual number of Celtic newcomers was low, and though they managed to dominate the culture of the earlier inhabitants of Wales, they did so without changing the overall physical or racial characteristics.

Celtic Mythology

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On the one hand, the Celts – who were by no means pacifists – must have arrived in sufficiently large numbers to obliterate the existing culture in Ireland within a few hundred years. On the other hand, other better documented invasions of Ireland – such as the Viking invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries AD – failed to have the effect of changing the culture on an islandwide scale.

Some have postulated that, as the Romans invaded and took control of the continental Celtic territories of Gaul [France] and Iberia [Spain and Portugal], some of the displaced Celts travelled to unconquered Celtic lands such as Britain and Ireland. These have been identified with displaced Celts from Spain and Belgium, respectively, although this is conjecture [1]. The earliest pseudo-historical information that we have about Iron Age Celtic Ireland is from Carthaginian, Roman and Greek writers, who probably got their information from sailors who had been to the British Isles.

There are writings from the 4th century AD by the Roman Avienus which are thought to be based on accounts from an early Greek voyage in the 6th century BC. By far the most interesting historical account of these early times is that of the Greek Ptolemy. His map of Ireland, published in Geographia, was compiled in the second century AD, but based on an account from around AD.

No surviving originals exist, but we do have a copy dating from AD. To see the map [1], click on the thumbnail on the left [56kB]. Historians have been able to use this fascinating map to identify some of the Celtic tribes living in Ireland at the time. Many of the names cannot be identified with known tribes particularly those in the west , and the names have been badly corrupted by being passed word-of-mouth.

However, others are readily identifiable.

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Shamrock The shamrock is the traditional symbol or Ireland. The shamrock forms a triad and the Celts believed three was a mystical number. Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy Trinity to the Celts. If good things come in threes then this silver 3-leafed shamrock pendant in beautiful emerald green is definitely a good thing. Trinity Knot The Trinity knot also known as the triquetra is a continuous interweaving triple knot symbolism no beginning or ending.

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Viking sites in New Zealand! But so were any New Zealand dinosaurs thirty or so years ago. Now there are many books on such creatures and they have been accepted by orthodox institutions in NZ. So what is the probability of old pre-Maori, Celtic sites? If you have an open and inquiring mind there are many facts, artifacts and oral and written histories that confirm the existence of pre-Maori populations in NZ.

Our archaeology has yet to be properly investigated by archaeologists that do not have pre-conceived or politically motivated agendas. Very ancient written records in Europe and the old world confirm knowledge that New Zealand and Australia existed. However getting access to and acknowledgement of these records is difficult. Concocted historical opinion has been based on deliberate intent to discredit and cover up such knowledge.

NZ and Australia are not the only countries bound up by such conspiracies. However this article is about a particular NZ example, with some general observations thrown in. The following is an example of an oral history supported by records held in Scotland. A book about this particular story, with supporting documentation is due for release sometime in the year As information is slowly released and clarified the story on this page is kept updated.

Celtic Tides

Bibliography of Sources for Further Study An Introduction to Celtic History The lands occupied by Celtic peoples, whose existence can be traced over more than 25 centuries, were vast. The Celtic people have mystified anthropologists and historians for generations. They were a non literate culture whose history and literature was preserved through oral tradition.

The only written records of their civilization are the texts left by classical authors, the first of which appear circa BCE. These accounts, inaccurate as they may be, are important in that they demonstrate that the Celts came into cultural contact, and sometimes competition, with the Greeks as well as the Romans.

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The original dated to around B. This too has a hiking trail, this time the 6km circular Druidenpfad. Search for Neunkircher Str. Not only do you get Celts in the Borg district of Perl , but Romans too. Excavations at the Villa Borg found artifacts dating to the Romans around B. Besides a Celtic Fort circa — B. Plus, the stunning view over the Saarschleife is just gorgeous. What do they have to do with the Celts?

Over at the Haus des Gastes is a small museum displaying some of what was found. How could you not? The Otzenhausen district of Nonnweiler is a Celtic delight. Not only is there a circular wall called Keltischer Ringwall along a former fort site — 50 B. Take a guided tour or walk around on your own — choice is yours. It was all the Celtic jewelry found within them that makes this worthwhile.

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David Johnson is an outspoken proponent of mechanical aids to visual art. Unlike the opponents of mechanical aids, his mission is not to prove his talent but to help preserve our vanishing Western cultural heritage. In addition to his mastery of the traditional media, now combines drawing, painting, photography, and digital media with more than thirty years of experience in these fields to create his Realistic Art Numerica in 21st century paintings and pictures.

Did you know the Greek word “Photography” means “Painting with Light”? Today with the advent of computers it truly lives up to it’s name. Due to developments in Art and Technology, a broader definition of painting is needed than that which is found in common usage.

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The History and Symbolism of the Celtic Cross

Excavated graves of chieftains there, dating from about bce, exhibit an Iron Age culture one of the first in Europe which received in Greek trade such luxury items as bronze and pottery vessels. In their westward movement the Hallstatt warriors overran Celtic peoples of their own kind, incidentally introducing the use of iron, one of the reasons for their own overlordship. For the centuries after the establishment of trade with the Greeks, the archaeology of the Celts can be followed with greater precision.

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