It is also utterly picturesque, with a beguiling mix of natural beauty and the dishevelled charm of its crumbly old town and art nouveau buildings. Take the local cheese bread, for example. Called khachapuri, it is slathered in butter and filled with the local sulguni cheese and an egg yolk. The result is gooey and delicious. Spicy meat dumplings called khinkhali are popular too, while salads dressed with walnuts and bean stews seasoned with coriander will have vegetarians salivating. Legend has it that King Vakhtang Gorgasal chose the site for the city after his hunting falcon returned with a pheasant that had been poached in its waters.

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Georgia (Georgian: საქართველო, translit.: sakartvelo, IPA: [sɑkʰɑrtʰvɛlɔ] (listen)) is a country in the Caucasus region of d at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.

Departure for Tbilisi Arrive in Tbilisi, meet in the airport and transfer to a hotel. Tbilisi Early in the morning arrive in Tbilisi, meet in the airport and transfer to a hotel. After late breakfast Tbilisi sightseeing tour. During the tour we take you to show you the old city. You can take a glance to the history of the city from early centuries to nowadays by walking in narrow streets of the city and exploring the religious and secular architecture.

Here you find different religious buildings — churches, synagogues, mosque, as well as famous 19th century houses with wooden multi-colored balconies. You visit the sulfur bath which made an unforgettable impression on Pushkin, Lermontov, Dumas. We visit Tbilisi Botanical garden. Following endemic and rare species may be seen in Tbilisi Botanical garden Department of Plant Conservation: Iris iberica, Juno caucasica, Tulipa eichleri, T.

Transfer to Uplistsikhe – the place where the Great Silk Road used to pass.

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Price includes group hotel nights as described in the dossier. Price does not include individual airport transfers and a hotel night on the last day of the Land Only Itinerary. To arrange additional services please, contact us tours georgianholidays. We require at least 48 hours to confirm your trip, after which booking is possible only upon direct confirmation from Georgian Holidays tour manager. For last minute booking please, call mob: Tour Starts at

Oct 03,  · Georgia takes its tourism seriously, very seriously. Just ask Jesper Black. When the Dutch tourist landed at Tbilisi International Airport becoming the country’s six millionth visitor in .

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Holidays 08 Georgia Azerbaijan Started with a tour of Georgia with Tucan, and finished up with a few days in Azerbaijan https: Overnight fight form London, Landed at 6am, back to Hotel for a few hours sleep, then the tour started Spend the full day sightseeing and learning more about the city of Tbilisi on a city tour from 10am. Take note of the statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali below it, which has become one of the most notable images associated with the city.

Following this we will take a cable car up to Narikala fortress which was built in the 4th Century and served as a main fortification of Tbilisi throughout the centuries. Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring more incredible historical sites including the Sioni cathedral and Anchiskhati, the oldest church in Tbilisi dating back to the 7th c AD. After our day of exploring we will return to our hotel for the night.

Best Itineraries and Routes for Backpacking Georgia. Below is a list of four itineraries that will cover most of your needs while backpacking that further detail about each destination is given later in the article, so if you have questions, hang in there.

On a high mountain plateau 3 small lakes slumber under the calm watch of surrounding snowy peaks. OutdoorUkraine This plateau is situated right above Mestia, the main town of Svaneti region. Reachable for 4×4 cars. Water is cold and murky, so swimming is not a good idea. Anyway the main beauty of this place are it’s breathtaking panoramic views.

The most widely accepted variant of the legend of Tbilisi’s fo Just 20 km from Tbi It is the starting point for most trips to Svane In it was a c EXPLORE Sighnaghi City of wine and love, as it is being called in recent years, is very much appealing to those who are tired of rush and hustle, and like everything lovely, cute and small. Walking through Sighnaghi, y Its coastline stretches 8 km along the Black Sea, and there are several modern hotels.

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Monasteries and Churches in Georgia Gruzija Vardzia Monastery is a cave monastery dug into the side of the Erusheli mountain in southern Georgia near Aspindza. It was founded by Queen Tamar in The monastery was constructed as protection from the Mongols. The city included a church, a throne room, and a complex irrigation system watering terraced farmlands. The only access to the complex was through some well hidden tunnels near the Mtkvari river.

An earthquake in Samtskhe destroyed approximately two thirds of the city in , exposing the caves to outside view and collapsing the irrigation system.

Located within a 1-minute walk from the Sacré-Coeur and Place du Tertre, ADM Ateliers de Montmartre offers suites with free WiFi. This guest house is located .

History[ edit ] The town of Dmanisi is first mentioned in the 9th century as a possession of the Arab emirate of Tbilisi , though the area had been settled since the Early Bronze Age. Located on the confluence of trading routes and cultural influences, Dmanisi was of particular importance, growing into a major commercial center of medieval Georgia. The town was conquered by the Seljuk Turks in the s, but was later liberated by the Georgian kings David the Builder and Demetrios I between and The Turco-Mongol armies under Timur laid waste to the town in the 14th century.

Sacked again by the Turkomans in , Dmanisi never recovered and declined to a scarcely inhabited village by the 18th century. The castle was controlled by the House of Orbeliani. Archaeological site[ edit ] Extensive archaeological studies began in the area in and continued in the s. Beyond a rich collection of ancient and medieval artifacts and the ruins of various buildings and structures, unique remains of prehistoric animals and humans have been unearthed. Some of the animal bones were identified by the Georgian paleontologist A.

Vekua with the teeth of the extinct rhino Dicerorhinus etruscus etruscus in This species dates back presumably to the early Pleistocene epoch.

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Around Tbilisi share There are a many interesting places around Tbilisi that can be easy reached in couple hours or less. Just 15 km away is Mtskheta, believed to be one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world and the former capital of Georgia. One of its highlights is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

Georgia’s mix of natural beauty, medieval history and Soviet influences has made it one of Eastern Europe’s most fascinating destinations. Boasting hilltop churches, meandering cobbled streets and a wine region the French would envy, Georgia is sure to capture your imagination. Book your tour today.

Getting Around This could reasonably be a three-way tie as each country in the Caucasus has its own benefits and challenges. At least the Azeri language uses mostly a Latin alphabet. On the plus side, in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, digital signs at the bus stops include the Latin alphabet translations of bus route destinations, making things a little easier. The Metro in Yerevan might have been the most difficult as signs were only in Armenian and Russian and announcements only in Armenian.

When it comes to intercity transport, Azerbaijan seems slightly more organized than the others. The prevalence of buses in the country means there are schedules on which you can somewhat rely instead of the typical marshrutka that just leaves when full — although buses traveling between smaller towns tend to be decrepit Soviet-era buses see below! The new bus station in Baku has clearly labeled bays for both buses and marshrutkas — it was heaven compared to the mass chaos that I found at Didube Bus Station in Tbilisi, where the only way to find the marshrutka you need is to wander around and ask.

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